Factory income, refers to the total amount of money received by the respondent(s) in hand or via transfer for the work performed during the month. The total amount may vary across months, since it includes base salary and overtime (if any), as well as any additional income received from the factory, typically holiday/Eid bonuses or severance pay

Food Expenditure, refers to all food purchases conducted by the respondent(s) using cash or store credit

Education Expenditure, refers to all expenses relating to education, such as tuition, tutoring, school supplies, uniforms, etc.

Housing Expenditure, refers to all expenses relating to housing, specifically rent and utility payments 

Loans Received, refers to any cash loans received from formal or informal sources, including loans received from banks, MFIs, moneylenders, friends, family, etc.

Loans Repayment, refers to any in-cash loan repayments given to formal or informal sources. Repayments include those made to banks, MFIs, moneylenders, friends, family, shopkeepers, etc.

Other Expenditure, refers to all other purchases not relating to food, housing, and education that were made by the respondent(s) using cash or store credit

Other Income Sources, refers to any additional income a respondent may have received outside the factory. “Income” in this case refers to any money received from side businesses or other income-generating activities. 

Work Hours, refers to the total number of hours working at the factory during the month, after taking into account the break time the worker gets during the day. In most cases, this means subtracting break time of an hour from the total time spent at work.

Experience level, garment workers’ wages in Bangladesh follow a pay scale comprised of 7 grades, with those in grade 7 earning the least. Each worker is assigned a grade based on the type of work they perform, for instance:

  • Grade 1: Pattern Master, Chief Quality Controller, Chief Cutting Master/Cutting Chief
  • Grade 2: Mechanic, Electrician, Cutting Master,
  • Grade 3: Sample Machinist, Senior Machine Operator
  • Grade 4: Sewing Machine Operator, Quality Inspector, Cutter, Packer, Line Leader
  • Grade 5: Junior Machine Operator, Junior Cutter, Junior Maker
  • Grade 6: Operator of General Sewing / Button Machine
  • Grade 7: Assistant Sewing Machine Operator, Assistant Dry Washing Man, Line Iron Man, Machine Helper